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(Deutsch) Erhöhe die Sichtbarkeit mit einem tellows-Branchenbucheintrag!


Increase your visibility with the new tellows feature for companies!

Competitions is a crucial factor for a company and every entrepreneur or manager has always to find new solutions to reach their customers and increase its visibility on the market. In particular, online listing directories are now among the cheapest, fastest and easiest ways to make your company findable by your potential clients, and being widely visible online is extremely important. The tellows platform understood this need and decided to introduce a new feature in its website: a company entry for trust-worthy firms that allows both users and business people to add more information about a company and let other people know more about the person or the firm registered.

With this new feature, customers and entrepreneurs can count on several benefits on both sides, because accurate information will help clients to find firms that they can trust, and companies would be found and seen with the (proper) imagine the want to give.

What information can be registered on tellows?

Company Entry
We should start with something general that talks to business people like “These days you want to be found when people look online for services and solutions. It’s hard to stand out with all these platforms, competitors and ads. With an entry at tellows you can introduce yourself to your potential customers and increase your visibility.” or something like that
when you google “local company listing benefits” you find lots of websites that offer this service and they all mention their benefits, so we can get some ideas from them.
• New feature for all businesses – make your company visible online
• Mention all details that can be listed and add examples what can be written in the text box
• Pictures of an example on the number page and the inquiry page?
– Free
– Easier locatable within search engines
– better visibility within business branch competitors
– people with tellows android app will see your name and address when you call customers -> people are more likely to pick up if they know who is calling
– Entries can be updated at any time
– SEO boost
– Important for local businesses: people look for contact info within a certain area and can find your business location easier due to map and contact youw with the phone number
– People can leave feedback on your business and you can see recommendations which will help you rank better
How to add a entry: Look for your phone number, then click on the pen-symbol, enter details. Only phone numbers with no negative score can be added with an entry
Small mention at the end:
Premium entry with more details like logo, website link can be requested (link to our contact form or email) – we have no real process for premium listings, so we need to wait until someone asks before we give pricings. Right now Stefan has to add it manually, so we need a better workflow, if we have more requests)