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Schutz vor Telefonbetrug – Verbraucher müssen erst mal warten


On hold instead of emergency aid

Expensive queues , complicated telephone and internet moves, long contractual obligations. The improvement for consumers in the telephone and internet sector was almost a done deal. Only the Federal Council actually had to agree. However, the federal states would first like to involve the mediation committee – and this can take time.

Telecommunications Act: Changes have to wait

The change in the law itself is not considered a point of contention here. However, the allocation of radio frequencies, which is also regulated in the Telecommunications Act, is much more worthy of discussion . Because here the federal states themselves want to have a say, so that three committees (business, culture and consumer protection) intervene in the matter and called the mediation committee. The demand for more say in telephone and internet customers does not mean anything good at first: Instead of basically free queues, you should continue to expect costs.